(EST. 2009) I see life in an abstract, slanted way. This blog was made to try and display that point of view to the people who don't know me, or those who know me more than I know myself. The blog title came from a combo of "This is What I Call Her" By Lil'Wayne, the constant smell of reefer on some of my close friends, and of course my last name [don't forget the "E"]. I'm high off of life, this blog is my blunt and I'm passing it too you. Inhale until you feel you've had too much GREENE.


"The summers on it's way and the hoes doing sit ups"

First off, my man Melo asked for a personal shout out. He's Happy Valley chillin' up at PSU right now.  Holler at him. @Raheemshabazz

Summer thus far has been different.  Being home after living in VA for so long has caused the changes back at home to be much more visible.  Its one thing, when your in the same area for a long period of time and the changes come gradually, but when your gone for a while they smack you in the face as soon as you come into the vicinity.  Changes are not all necessarily bad, but they allow you to build a greater appreciation for the things that are still the same.


 I want to know how the technician looked. I pictured the repair man from All That.

You knooow.


Glad to see that they are still just as tight as they were in high school.

 Mr. Softee just isn't the same. The driver use to know my name back in the day.  Plus, the inflation is in the way.

 Family support.

Haha, @yanville.

 Clock out part deux.


Living space.

Beach moves.

Harkness Hall

Put your toes away, boul.

He's def a DMV head, he said "youngins" and "fakin'," but am I late? Boul is tight.

They're def doing their thing.


President Obama at my schools 2010 Graduation

To all who believe in the "do right and kill everything" theory.

The first (well, second because I surely did not mind "Best I Ever Had" ...) Drake video that is worth watching.  The video actually contributes to the track for a change.  This was a breathe of fresh air... Definitely not the usual cliché, "I'll take your girl" type of video.  Short films as music videos might become cool again.


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