(EST. 2009) I see life in an abstract, slanted way. This blog was made to try and display that point of view to the people who don't know me, or those who know me more than I know myself. The blog title came from a combo of "This is What I Call Her" By Lil'Wayne, the constant smell of reefer on some of my close friends, and of course my last name [don't forget the "E"]. I'm high off of life, this blog is my blunt and I'm passing it too you. Inhale until you feel you've had too much GREENE.



First off, I would like to describe the term "drawlin'" to those who are unfamiliar, because I will be using it repeatly throughout this blog post.

After traveling all over the U.S, [and gettin a "what the hell is this dude talking about?" look after using the word outside of Philly] I realized that the word "drawlin" is strictly Philly slang. Here is how urbandictionary.com desribed the term:


1. Acting out of character. Not being yourself. Doing somthing that would be considered unorthodox.

2. Cockblocking. Not letting one(s) be themself.

3. Doing something someone else does not like.

1. Yo, you drawlin comin to church high.

2. Bull wont let us in the party- he drawlin.

3. My grandmom drawlin puttin me on punishment.

Haha... I think these definitions cover it. But anyway, my afternoon
drawled a little bit [Past tense].

Drawlin part one.

The drawlin began when I was downtown doing a little bit of shopping after our highschool tennis meeting. I had just came out of Macy's after purchasing a bowtie for my friends prom. I crossed over Broad Street onto Chestnut. Sitting at the corner was the most flamboyant, obnoxious, group of black gay dudes that I have ever seen. I have nothing against gay people in any way, but this incident almost caused me to snap... When I got to the corner, one of them mumbled something to the others, and because I am downtown-savy, I immediately put my hood on and looked down at my iPhone. As I walked by, one of the dudes walks in front of me in his super dooper female jeans, and starts doing the Beyonce walk [Remember the Crazy in Love video... Yeah, that shit], then he stopped and posed in front of me on some Get Me Bodied stuff [Remember the "pose for the camera" part? Yeeah...]. By the time he posed I had already uttered a few curse words under my breath and started to walk as fast as possible [Crackhead pace, word to Tyrone]. I looked up when I realized I was completely past the entire group and thought, "This boul really thought he was Beyonce... He's drawlin." So I got to the end of the block and crossed, but for some reason I heard flamboyant yells. I walked another block, once again at crackhead pace, and even though they were faded [from the crackhead-like speed] I still heard flamboyant yells. I turn around and these dudes seemed to be following me. At that point I'm pissed, so I dip into Liberty place on that extremely quick, smooth, stealth, okie-doke, invisible man (no Ralph Ellison) type stuff. I hustled up the steps and went to Subway to grab a foot long.

Drawlin part deux

Once I get to Subway I order one of the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki foot long sandwiches. I stood there thinking about how good the sandwich was going to be as I watched the girl make it. Finally, it was finished,the girl wrapped it and placed it in a plastic bag for me. She rings it up, and the digital portion of the register says: 7.48. In my head I'm like:


What happened to the five dollar, five dollar, five dollar footlong...? I wasn't planning on buying the 7.48 dollar foot long. I never saw the commercial where Godzilla spread his arms and it said 7.48 feet in between his outstretched hands. But I did not complain because I obviously did not get the memo on the very visible menu above the oven/toaster, plus that would have been a "nigga moment" [word to The Boondocks]. I just took out my money and paid the $7.48, with a slight "smack face" expression on my face. I got my change [which was not $15 dollars from the twenty dollar bill that I paid with], walked away and thought,
SUBWAY IS DRAWLIN. I looked at the time and realized I had to get to the subway before my highschool transpass was useless. The transpass' 7 o'clock limitation is also def drawlin...

Drawlin, the final episode.

I hopped on the Broad Street line and headed towards Fern Rock. As soon as I got on the subway train at City Hall I instantly started laughing to myself, because this man on my subway cart had this HUUUUUGE desk with him [HAHA]. This desk was sooooo big, and the dude was on the subway, so he obviously had to carry the desk down the subway steps, in the street and where ever he was going. In other words this dude was... yeah you got it, DRAWLIN. My friends and I share the same humor, so if you don't think this is funny your probably an acquaintance. I apologize if this is someones Pop or something, but I had to take a picture of this. If I was carrying the biggest piece of furniture known-to-classroom on the sub, I would want people to laugh at me too.

[That was just the side. &The dude had his head on the desk like he was sleeping in class. Too funny...HAHAHa]

The last thing that drawled today was my sneaker. After looking down at my sneak, I realized that the Supra sign on my right foot was "talking" a bit more than usual. It was halfway off like a month ago, but I carelessly continued to wear them. Right now, the small emblem on the back of my Sky Top is very close to falling off. The next time I wear these, I will probably glance at my shoe at some point during the day and suddenly realize that I have a bo bo [an unnamed sneaker] on my right foot.
That is drawlin. I need some hot glue or something...



"Mummy Arms" X Tuesday

Checkout Pharrell after his tat removals... still performing, P goes haaaawd.

[source: http://bbcicecream.com/blog/]

When I was browsing through some celebrity blogs [I think the Coldplay jawn], I ran into a free download from and artist by the name of Jon Hopkins. It was described as an "propulsive electronica," so I acted like I knew what they were talking about and clicked for the download. In result I found out that I reaaaaally bang with this track and I think I might download the rest of Hopkins album. Here's the link if your interested in listening to Light Through The Veins :


[AND to the tall, blonde, light skin dude named Melo, who will probably be sitting next to me in Computer Science as he reads this... I updated boul. But you probably realized it already.]

light the greene.



Today was lovely. I woke up with another feeling of nostalgia.

It hit 93 degrees on Philly thermometers today, making it the second ridiculously warm day in a row, which is LOVE. As soon as a rolled out of my sheets I sat on my bed staring down at my black Jordan slides and began to recapture a feeling that I haven't had in a while. I realized that it felt like one of those hot summer days from the 90's... Random, but that's what it felt like in my head. [I suddenly had the urge to try and bring back the tank top this summer, we will see what happens [haha]...]

These were the days when my older brother use to bully me and I could have been grouped in the catagory of "badassyoungboas." Back when Will Smith was my favorite rapper (Big Willy Style) and the high top fade wasn't completely out of style... yet.

This Sunday felt like a Saturday, so I treated it like one. I went downstairs and grabbed my favorite bowl of cereal ["I gotta have my Pops"] and turned on ESPN. I watched some intense NBA playoff basketball. The Celtics and Bulls series is MAJOR. I'm a little upset that the Sixers' allowed Orlando to tie the series... but whatever. Maybe they can still pull it out...

On a different note, my man Ralph, once again, put me onto some shit. Haha... this time its a group called Empire of the Sun. He sent me a link to their video and described their music as "eargasmic." And you know I bang with eargasms [ ;) ]. I told him I wish I heard the song before I saw the video, because it seems like these particular artist are on some other stuff... haha. But ey, good music is good music... even if the artist have a swag that incorporates feathers and colorful facial paint.... Here's a taste of what he sent me [I have no idea what the genre is]:

Alsoooo, New Era is finally dropping some beanies [ My favorite type of hat besides the snapback] So regardless of the temperature... I might be sporting a beanie one of these days if I can get my hand on one...

But that's about it for this post, mark your calanders for July because that's when the OnlyRight line is dropping... if you didn't know, now you knoooow.

Stay up [No Swine Flu],




Today was smooth with a dash of Fisher Price.

It might seem like I don't have bad days, but that's only because I probably won't post if I'm pissed or saddened [Goons don't get sad though, so just pissed].

Today was the annual Hoop It Up Game in Honor of Johnny Smyth. The game involves the Seniors and juniors in a go hawd or go home, but friendly game of basketball in what
they call [they, because I don't say this word outside of Masterman] the MASTERDOME [what. what?!]. Basically, we won again. I'll probably post a picture or two later. The boul Yanny was pretty clutch with the game winner... haha. I see you Kobe!

But that was my day pre

When the dismissal bell rings, an eighteen year old highschool senior might sometimes get a feeling of independance or freedom because the restricted part of their day is finally over. But that wasn't the case for me today. Fast forward a few hours after my dismissal bell rang and you could find me sitting next to a toddler who just had a temper tantrum. Basically, I had another doctors appointment, but this time with my doctor. To make a long story short, I felt like a straight up youngboa sitting in Chestnut Hill pediartics [Haha, You probably go there too I bet]. I've been going to the same doctor my entire life, but I realized today that I should work on finding my own doctor sometime soon.

Do you remember the little things that babies/small children play with, that consist of sphiracal wooden objects painted in different colors
, stacked on top of each other, with a hole in the center so a curved metal wire can run through them, allowing the wooden objects to move freely throughout an entire set of curved wires that are ALSO painted different colors and set up abstractly over a block of wood? If you have no idea what I'm talking about don't worry, because I just reread my description and laughed.

But if you DO know what I'm talking about, let me just put it like this: these toys or whatever, were in every room of the doctors office making me feel like I was four about to get treated for my first case of the chicken pox. I had that
youngboa feeling for the entire time I was there.

[These are some of the toys(?)
I was talking about. &I'm going to act like I didn't push one of the wooden balls around the loop... just to try it out... once...]

[You know you need another doctor when the side of the room looks like this.]

[Youngboa. Chair.]

After I got my youngboa problems solved by my lovely youngboa doctor, this youngboa hopped on the bus and headed to Checkers to surpress his youngboa hunger. I had to laugh a little when I saw this outside of the Checkers on Broad and Erie:

[Forreal, though? You know you get robbed on a regular when you have a sign that basically tells the people robbing you to go away. They probably don't even see the sign when they do it.]

As I waited for my food I listened to Kid Cudi, well some dude who looked and sounded like him, curse his girl out on the phone. I got my food, hit the broad street subway and headed home to ingest my Big Buford and fries [who's fries are better than checkers fries?].

But that was my day in blog form. Happy Earth day [Be Greene]. and go sixers...




I don't really feel like writing, so here is a series of thoughts/ occurances in my life over the past few days with a .jpg SWAG. I'm tired as HELL.

[Hopefully Natisha doesn't see this. Because I'm slowly becoming a fan...]

[Fam, us. Add young Hezy (he took the picture).]

[Kanye's verse... MAJOR.]

[Another party flyer. You probably think we're thugs by now (Add 'Lo hats).]

[Expensive. But worth it EVERYTIME]

[Wonder who?]

[I decided to repost this, because 88 Keys has been getting major play in my pod.]

[AIS Prom was also major. Thanks Nish!]

[Something about Neon Lights... They always gets me.]

[No band wagon, eff'd with them since I saw them in concert. Their CD finally dropped. Havn't had time to listen though... Somebody let me know how it is]

[Graduation on MY mind]




First off, happy birthday to my niggapino Kris Pel... One of my closest and very first friends at Masterman [6-2 Whats reallyreally GOOD?]. We go back to when the Side Kick One was exclusive and G-Unit was thorough... Back when he wore glasses and I had no hangtime. Haha... You get the snapshot.

Today was another smooth senior year Friday. It went: school, chill, still chillin' & mo' chill.
Another day with the squad, la familia, my brothers from another. [The day would have been perfect if I didn't have another dizzy spell... the reason I hit up the hospital yesterday... I'm straight though... like Asian hair.] We chilled in good ol' Rittenhouse Square and enjoyed each others company for a while [the downtown area was pretty major today]. We laughed [There was this oldhead walking around with wet pants, like he didn't just pee on himself. Somebody needed to GET THEIR POPS, just sayin'.], bussed and overlooked the area. When you stay in Rittenhouse for a while you see a lot of things... Lets just quote Whodini when they said, "The freaks come out at night." We saw dudes walking around in chains and a few free-runners that started flipping in front of us like we asked for a show... See what happens when it gets warm? People don't know how to act. But anyway, thats not a problem... because I don't know how to act either.

Me and Melo are going to throw a party... And we're going to put this on the party flyer. "IT'S GONNA POP ALL CRAZY BOUL."

[Damn... We forgot the 'Lo hats! Haha]




After a long morning in the hospital, this was the highlight of my day:



Listening to: BLU & EXILE - Dancing in the Rain

Walnut Street

Today consisted of a series of thoughts and analysis from some of my favorite people.

After a second long, depressing rainy day, Keenan, Sean and I headed back to Ian's crib to do what we do best... CHILL. We celebrated his little brother's birthday for a little but most of the time we just talked. We covered a variety of topics, from life over these 7 years at Masterman to Reuben's serve during a tennis match. You have to love deep analytical conversations with your homies. Conversations like these confirm thoughts that you have never said out loud and remind you why your with the people your talking to. They show that your not the only one thinking about some random nonsense that popped into your mind one day in class, while you were staring at the teacher but omitting every word that they said. Conversations like these cause thoughts to spray out your mouth that you never thought about... but somehow they still make sense and reflect how you actually feel. Conversations like these cause REALIZATIONS. & I witnessed quite a few of those today...

Aside from the deep convo, we chilled in Liberty Place for a minute after stopping at good ol' Pot Belly [Their roast beef sandwiches are MAJOR]. My brothers on the Masterman volleyball team had to part ways so they could add another win to their SPOTLESS record, so the rest of us went thrift shopping. I purchused some used sneaks at Buffulo Exchange then came away with a couple steals at the Salvation Army [Half Off Wednesdays, WHATSUP?]. During our travels between Chestnut and Walnut, we made the comparison of the Thrift Store to UrbanOutfitters. The One Major Difference that we agreed on:
Urban has better shelves.

All in all, we made the best of a rain filled half day.
& That's Love.

Two of my favorite Ladies accompanied by young Steve Jones [Who looks somewhat suspect in this picture... haha]

My man Sean [AKA Shizz because thats every dude named Sean's name] showing that "Most Musical" side that we all love. Dudes got talent!

My steeeeals.



"I know how to step, so I'm not a half stepper... SOTHEYCALLMEDR.PEPPER"

On a long dreary Tuesday. This was my highlight:



I'm still making use of this photo... so once again, I'd like to thank Ms.Chen for her immaculate photography.

I might wear this tomorrow. Simply because I'm hype. So what.





Secondly, good looking out to Corey for playing "The Last Kiss" in the whip today. I purposely slept on Kiss because his first single with Ne-yo caused me to make an assumption about what his new CD would be like... but I was wrong.
My people know I'm not that into "gun talk" rap, but Kiss has always been an exception. The production, featured artist, and subject matter of "The Last Kiss" is on point. Just from briefly listening to the LP, a few songs stuck out immediately. The track "What If" featuring Nas [major] is DEFF worth a listen, as well as the "Death Wish" track where Wayne MURKS the beat [Not a big Lil Wayne fan at all, but he gets props for this one...]. As you may know I'm steadily rockin' out to Neptunes productions, so when I heard "Rockin' With the Best" and "Stress Ya" my attention was automatically clinched by the tracks. Aside from the other songs on the cd, "Smoking Gun" featuring Philly's Jazmyne Sullivan is a song that will probably be on repeat in the itunes sometime soon... So yeah, J MUAH did a pretty good job with this cd, reminding me not to sleep on ALL of the "gun talk" hip hop artist. I'm finally about to give in and download a Meek mixtape. FLAMERS! haha...

ALook @ the day...

What boredom led to a couple weeks ago... STAY UP.

You HAVE TO love this whip. The 'Finder is Legendary.

Red Robin. Where we went instead of Corey's random Amish spot...

The hungry look we ALL had. [Curty's lucky I didn't get a picture of his ocky Obama cap Haha...]




shawty, like a valet service I swear shes been through a lot. :(

Over the past few years I've developed a habit of listening to music when I sleep. When ever I hear a mellow beat with low base and soothing lyrics I take a mental note and try to figure out if I can sleep to it. I'm always making new play list to sleep to but I think I found one I'm going to stick with for a while.

[I went to St. Paul's for preschool and there is this weird genre of music that we use to sleep to. I have no idea what it was but that shit use to have me nodded... lol. If anyone can help me find out what it was... Please do. I'm tryna feel nostalgic (once again) but at the same time put myself to sleep when I'm tired. Help ya mans out!]

But anyway my newest slumber playlist goes something like this:

1. Bria's Interlude - Drake
2. Conversation's with God - Charles Hamiliton
3. Brand new - Drake
4. Dirty Peaches - 88 Keys
5. Don't Go Too Slow - Cassie
6. Houstatlantavegas - Drake
7. I Love, You Love - John Legend
8. Lip Service - Charles Hamiliton
9. Little Bit - Lykke Li
10. Little Bit - Drake
11. Pillow Talk - Kid Cudi
12. A Night Off - Drake
13. So Far To Go - Common
14. Think Twice - J Dilla
15. Too Fly - Dwele

The Panties by Mos Def almost made it... simply because I bangs with that song pretty hard...

But that's it. No specific order. I usually hit shuffle & repeat playlist so the music goes on all night. AND yeah... I know like the whole "So Far Gone" Mixtape is on there, but it fits what I was looking for when I made the playlist... You gotta love that Drizzy kid.
But yeah, this list has been working for me, so if your one of the people that havetosleeptomusic try it out.





Currently playing on the tunes:
I still love you [Ft. Pharrell]

don't judge me lol... thisshitis classic heat rock.

After a long sit in the Philly airport, a flight, a lost bag that ended up in Tampa,
and an overall angry flight experience... a lot of thoughts went through my head. Here are a few:

First thought: the whole Polo thing going on in Philly. I'm going to quote my man Hez when he said, "All of Ralph Lauren's children are here." The new [well, not really new anymore] thing in Philly is to wear Polo everything. Right now the fly outfit in the hood is to wear a Polo hat, v-neck, some cargos and some male Ugg boots [whole different story haha...]. I'm just trying to figure out where all of this came from, and why everyone likes wearing the same thing? I thought the Polo hat thing was cool when it first started, then I walked down Chestnut Street one day and counted atleast 20 polo hats in a two block radius. Can somebody be themselves? DAMN. I mean, atleast wear something different so you don't ALL look the same on your party flyers. Just saying... You don't ALL have to be 'Lo Heads. On a positive note, tha 'Lo Head gets more props then the Hollister thug... haha. You gotta love urban trends... but I'm glad I broke free post middle school.

Another thought popped up yesterday when I was on a flight to Fort Lauderdale. Right after the stuwardess grilled me and asked me to turn my iPhone off for takeoff [with that fake nice voice, that carries a "FML" undertone], she pulled a curtain out from in front of me that separated first class from coach. I was already in a bad mood from the delayedassflight, so this bothered me a little. Question: How does the thin, transparent, nonSOUNDPROOF curtain effect anything? I tried to figure it out for half the flight, but then realized that it wasn't worth it. They just paid like a hundred more dollars, so they deserve the false sense of exclusion. Or maybe I'm just hatin'... they had Sun Chips and cereal bars in first class... Haha.




Today consisted of packing, Pops cereal and change of plans.

I woke up pretty early to pack for my flight. As I packed I turned on MTV jams and they had a series of what is now "old school videos."

[It's crazy how time has blown by. Music from like 2003 is now characterized as "old school"...
This makes me feel like I'm getting old... Like when a 13 or 14 year old bumped into me in the street and replied, "My fault ol' head." I had to double take and make sure he was talking to me. Haha... SO yeah guys... we're OL'HEADS now, with our old school music and girbaud jeans... ]

After like ten minutes of packing I was set. I swear I should be a professional packer. I'm so clutch with last minute packing... I should get paid.

Fast forward to the airport>>>

So I get to the airport impatient and rushing like most people before a flight, and the lady at US Airways says the plane seats were oversold and if I gave up my seat I could get a free round trip flight to where ever I'm going, allowing me to pick my times, AND they would put me in a hotel and give me meals...
I IMMEDIATELY SAID I was down to give up my seat. Even though I was SO ready to leave.

I switched up my flight times so I'm departing to Florida tomorrow... Everything is set except the hotel part. My mom randomly walked in when I was switching my flight and said, "You don't need a hotel room when your in Philly." So my plans of a real last minute, CLUTCH hotel party diminished quickly... Momma dukes knows me way too well.

Anyway, I'm gone tomorrow afternoon... flights around 3... hit me up...

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