(EST. 2009) I see life in an abstract, slanted way. This blog was made to try and display that point of view to the people who don't know me, or those who know me more than I know myself. The blog title came from a combo of "This is What I Call Her" By Lil'Wayne, the constant smell of reefer on some of my close friends, and of course my last name [don't forget the "E"]. I'm high off of life, this blog is my blunt and I'm passing it too you. Inhale until you feel you've had too much GREENE.


"Out of the trillions of numbers in the world, just leave me a few that leads to you..."


Ain't nothing changed but the address.

CURREN$Y + STALLEY: ADDRESS from Creative Control on Vimeo.


[This track is a favorite of mine when walking off of planes through airport concourses.  Try it, you'll feel like a million and nine dollars.]

None of this would have went down if patience was persistent. Don't expect you to wait, but you're suppose to wait for what's real, right? Ha. I'm off that romantic bullshit, life is too real. Ladies take your romantic comedies and love stories out of the DVD players and place them back in their designated cases. While your at it, accidentally scratch the readable portion of the disc. I'm doing you a favor so you don't contradict yourself after getting filled up over an Owen Wilson line.

If you know me and we're close, you know that I hate to talk about my problems because I feel like I'm burdening you with information. Well, to be honest I know I'm a strong person to be as focused as I am with all the problems that I've faced over the years (most of them noone knows about).  I listen to some of you croon and cry about your issues (like you were trying to be featured in a remake of one wish by Ray J) and to some of you my immediate reaction is: Stop bitching. However, I sometimes bite my lip so you feel important.  I'm not saying my problems are worst then yours, I'm just saying don't cry over stuff that can be fixed. Simple as that.  The people with real problems are usually the ones that don't talk about them much.

I wish some people would understand that my relationship with them never changed, but circumstances around me might have. Adapting to new environments while coping with the same evolved problems can take a great amount out of you. Therefore, the attention one may have felt they deserved at the time, might not have been present. Don't think I did not want to give you that attention though... In one particular situation I would of given a person all the attention in the world if they showed they'd be around once I learned to cope with greater issues in my life. Issues that they didn't and still don't even know about. Their obvious dissatisfaction in the relationship even before new problems arose, showed me that they probably would not be patient enough for things to work out at that point. Nevertheless, I gave the person the benefit of the doubt and some space hoping they'd understand. Can't lie it was selfish on my behalf but I was basing my assumption on our past history. Fast forward, long story short, the person forgot about me and ignorantly (as in unknowingly assuming) dwelled on the thought that I changed, instead of finding out what was really going on. Sad, but it's life and they're happy.

If I was around more and not all the way down in VA, old friends and other acquaintances would understand that I'm still the optimistic, good humored, madtreysongzintheituneslibrary, "Philly boul" that you knew back when. I still appreciate the a Neptune's production and I still order large pizzas from Papa Knicks on weekends. Dragon Ball Z is still my favorite cartoon and I still feel like Will Smith is my father.  Hip hop soul and lyrics from Wasalu still drive my soul and daily existence. I will still make you a playlist so you can know me better. I still hold the door making sure future acquaintances get through safely and untouched, even if they already know my name. The Tribe is still on daily ear play, and I still have a playlist to sleep to. Aaliyah is still my wife and I still like being outside after the rain.  Even though he's injury prone, McGrady is still my favorite Professional basketball player and Amare is still my favorite big man. Marc Zumoff and Steve mix still commentate games (shoutout to Moses SS) for my favorite basketball team.  My love for McDonald's apple pies is definitely still there, and if I bring you around the my best friends from high school your either a cool down to earth individual or a girl who I marry. Ain't nothing changed but the address, y'all. I take back thinking that I changed because of the thoughts of others.  I just have to prioritize sometimes to maintain sanity. Hope you can understand.

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