(EST. 2009) I see life in an abstract, slanted way. This blog was made to try and display that point of view to the people who don't know me, or those who know me more than I know myself. The blog title came from a combo of "This is What I Call Her" By Lil'Wayne, the constant smell of reefer on some of my close friends, and of course my last name [don't forget the "E"]. I'm high off of life, this blog is my blunt and I'm passing it too you. Inhale until you feel you've had too much GREENE.



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When I saw this picture of Black Thought, one of my favorite all time MCs, the Phillyness inside me screamed, "Damn, Boul. This jawn is soo Philly." Had to post it. I lOve my city and I am very happy to be home right now. Tonight is going to be funny, Christmas dinner is at my crib this year. Looking forward to it? Fo'sho. Tipsy family members a priceless.


On another note, Happy Birthday to not only Jesus, but to my man hun'ed grand, Luis aka Sito. Enjoy your birthday family. I always feel for you on Christmas because you get the two for one deal in gifts. But cheer up though, boul. Haha.



Playing catch up

[My going away gift before I came back to Hampton after thanksgiving]

It has been a while since I have updated my blog. Partially, because I am not in the city I am oh so familiar to. It's hard to poke fun at people on the streets/campus in Hampton with post entitled, "GET YOUR MANS" and such, because what I'm laughing at is probably "the cool" thing to do where the victim is from. It's hard to blog about my life as a young Philadelphian, when I am outside of Philly, and the outcast of the situation. [i.e "Kenny, what the hell is a jawn?"] It's all love though, and I am not changing my slang for anyone, Boul.

This new environment has caused me to adjust, grow and understand how people, well black people, act in different parts of the country. I am now prone to different slang, wardrobes, accents, thoughts and ideas from African Americans all over the nation. However, when it comes to school, classes and the lack of skyscrapers, I am
too used to being down here and so ready for this first semester to be over. Next season is tennis season and I am pumped. Aside from next semester, I am coming home FRIDAY. Philly WHAT IS REALLY GOOD?! I cannot wait to be home again. Thanksgiving break was short lived.

When I came home for thanksgiving, I was happy to find out that nothing has changed. My friends are the same family they were before I left. My Mom greeted me with a kiss and clean room while my beautiful grandmother who is suffering from dementia stood up and gave me the best hug of my eighteen years (I'm going to keep it real, I didn't think she'd remember me... Even though she can't hold conversation anymore and struggles to do everyday activities she
still remembered the bad ass youngboa that she took care of everyday after he was away for three months of college. That was love. I thank God for that moment.). Being away from Philadelphia really showed me how much the city means to me. There is nothing like Philadelphia, PA and that is fact. You know how I know? When ever I see a girl who LOOKS like they're from Philly down at Hampton, I stop them and ask, "Are you from Philly?" I am usually right, 4/4 if you want to be specific. My point? Philadelphians are very distinct individuals that can not be confused with anyone else.

I've learned so much about myself while being away for school. I've realized how independent I actually am, how laid back I am in comparison to others, and how strong some of my values are. Regardless, I still feel the need to be closer to home... This five our drive is in the way. If I was in D.C all I would have to do is hop on a China bus on 8th street and I would be home in like an hour and a half... but that's another story... I am glad to be a H(I)U Pirate (Argh, bitch).


Sadly, I have been sheltered from one of the greatest aspects of life; MUSIC. Even as a Pirate, pirating is almost impossible (Lime wire had to be deleted when I registered my computer). I do not have a car down here so I cannot even hit the mall up to purchase CDs (at will). Also, let's just say I have more important purchases to make then 99 cent tracks on iTunes. So basically, I am stuck with my iTunes Library (which I def cannot hate on) and GUCCI MANE ALL DAY EVERYDAY BECAUSE THAT IS ALL PEOPLE LISTEN TO DOWN HERE, aside from my man Trey Songz (Pause. Did that sound suspect? I think I listen to Trey Songz more than half of the girls down here... Please subtract a Goon point from my Thug statistics).

That is enough about me, nothing major has changed so let's discuss us. Just me and you baby. No, I'm joking... I mean "us" as in ORCL, the movement. I might sound repetitive, but seriously, everyone has been so supportive with the line. We have been receiving so much positive feedback from everyone in places all over the world. Philadelphia, thank you for getting us on our feet. When I say, "We're doing this for our city," please understand that the statement is honesty in it's purist form. In the meantime stay tuned to the specified program because WE WILL be dropping a dope winter collection. It's
only right. (I bet you knew that was coming, didn't you?)

[Huge line of AKAs that crossed this semester. I took a picture for my Momma Greene]

[Thankyou cupcake Meg]

[Brotherly love, Philly stand up. Thank you Ms. Love.]

Two more finals and a few more days a nasty cafeteria food. Until then, I'll holler.



I thought this was deep...





As I gather what I need to return home for Thanksgiving break, I am thinking about how much I miss my city. Philly, I'll be home soon. I know you missed me.


Iced out.

On Halloween, Chipotle (which I was just recently introduced to by my Big Sisters... Yeah, I never tried it before I got down here...) gave away a free burrito to anyone who was wearing aluminum foil. SO YOU KNOW WHAT I DID...


[I know you've never seen this in stores, or on hypebeast (To all you hypebeast who are looking for this exclusive timepiece, you will not be able to find it.) This is that one of a kind limited edition G-SHOCK x GREENE X 13AL (Get your chemistry up.)]

[This right here is the "bling-out" wristlet that goes to the watch.]

[Y'all aren't ready for this though... I looked like A.I at a press conference with these rocks in my ears. Chipotle didn't know what to do with me.]

[It was great.]

[Somebody get their mans though... He DEF didn't need that much foil on. He had the smack face on when he walked in and realized that he over did it, haha.]




I apologize for the lack of post since the... 11th (damn.) But I'm back again my friends.

I've been mad busy down at Hampton University. I miss Philly more than ever and I hope to make that move back to my city sometime soon. I miss y'all!!

Homecoming week:

[Switched the room around.]

[Homecoming concert.]


[Latoya Luckett. I fell in love with one of her back up dancer... she had "that hair."]

[This is when I got hype... "BROOOOOKLYN, BROOOOOKLYN. Loso shut it down.]

[The Step Show was major.]

[Me and Mr. Hobbs. at outside the K.A.I.O.S Party. James looked like a pimp that night. Just saying.]

[Haha. The morning after. (Get your mans...)]

[McArthur Mall. If your under 18 you have to leave before 5 o'clock.]

[Ten minute obsession with this fountain. I want this in the front of my house. It's amazing.. you have to see it in person to understand...]

[FALL. My favorite season.]

[Good looking out, MOM.]

[Too bad most of it was gone before the 31st.]





Give me the GREENE light

Last Thursday, Harkness Hall, my freshman dorm, had an open house. This was something everyone has been looking forward to, because this is the closest thing to dorm visitation that we've had thus far. It was fun while it lasted.




After a long day of laundry and van service, I have finally found the time to update my blog. *self-applause* In some of my last post I used the word "adjusting" quite frequently, but with a few minor exceptions, I can happily say that I am adjustED at Hampton University, in Two Up, Two down, Songzz, YUUUP!

[Haha. I get carried away sometimes...]

But down here, I've been on my solo dolo. I follow noone, but accompany a few.

All the distrust stories I've heard in the past, are constantly in the back of my mind when I'm meeting people. I try my best not to depend on anyone else, cause the only person I can always depend on is the boul GREENE.

With that being said, y'all know I miss my Philly fam. Whenever I get a chance to check up on my boys, I try to shoot a text or two to their various locations up in the tri-state area. [Haha, it's not the same without y'all my ninjas!] I said it before, and I'll say it again: Hampton would be ten times better if just ONE of my boys were down here. Either way it's all good, I am enjoying myself.

These past couple weeks I was on the road and in ATL for some time. The Men's tennis team participated in the HBCU Invitational hosted by Florida A&M's Tennis teams. I ran into some of my fellow tennis players from Philly, whom both play D1 tennis at different schools [And yes, they're black. WHAT UP JEFF and PAUL]. Our team did not quite show what we're capable of at this tournament, but no worries... We will. However, our Women's tennis team finished in second.

[My favorite position :p (On road trips that is).]

[I finally got my warm up. :)]

[HBCU Invitational]

[Some of the team with Dr. Screen]

[Brazilian Gangsters.]

[My teammate Jung Ho, about to go to work after cramping from the waist down. We go hard.]


[Our stop at GA Tech. But this never happened...]


[I've been eating so much since I've been in school. Still can't gain any weight though.]

[My newest tat. Sike naw, this is my brother Hogie's newest tattoo. I'm feeling it.]


I am proud to say that our website is finally up and running. I am also proud to say that we have been receiving a surplus of supportive comments from everyone. That is LOVE [Yup, like the statue]. We thank you for your support as we're finally about to stand on two feet. This has been a long process, and my man RALPH has been putting great amounts of time and effort into this line. When you have a drive like his, nothing can stand in your way. Keep checking the website. It's only right. [The online store should be up and running next week!!!!]

[ O R C L W E B S I T E ]



COLLEGE LIFE. Hamptonian style.

[Popped strings. I'm finally about to learn how to string rackets, so I can save money.]

[I love the Hundreds as everyone knows. I get asked on a daily basis, "Are you from Cali?" or "How do you know about the hundreds?"]

[With my big sister at Shannon's appartment. I decided to not post the pictures of their attempts at the thriller dance... But I caught Michael on the screen.]

[Where my money goes when it's after 7 pm. (It's $1.50 for a homemade Iced Tea... that's DRAWLIN').]

[Gift from Mom dukes via Omega Optical in Cheltenham Square... They hook us up.]

[Another gift from mommy GREENE. Straight from one of the shops at the US OPEN.]

[My RA John from Chi-town. Working magic with the clippers.]

[If you haven't noticed, I love Apple juice. Hence all the pictures of Apple juice bottles.]

[:) . I could get used to being a D1 athlete...]

[...they get LOVE.]

[Earlier today. Currently in Atlanta for the HBCU invitational tournament. All my Spelman, Morehouse fam... WHAT'S GOOD?]

Wish us luck tomorrow.

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