(EST. 2009) I see life in an abstract, slanted way. This blog was made to try and display that point of view to the people who don't know me, or those who know me more than I know myself. The blog title came from a combo of "This is What I Call Her" By Lil'Wayne, the constant smell of reefer on some of my close friends, and of course my last name [don't forget the "E"]. I'm high off of life, this blog is my blunt and I'm passing it too you. Inhale until you feel you've had too much GREENE.


COLLEGE LIFE. Hamptonian style.

[Popped strings. I'm finally about to learn how to string rackets, so I can save money.]

[I love the Hundreds as everyone knows. I get asked on a daily basis, "Are you from Cali?" or "How do you know about the hundreds?"]

[With my big sister at Shannon's appartment. I decided to not post the pictures of their attempts at the thriller dance... But I caught Michael on the screen.]

[Where my money goes when it's after 7 pm. (It's $1.50 for a homemade Iced Tea... that's DRAWLIN').]

[Gift from Mom dukes via Omega Optical in Cheltenham Square... They hook us up.]

[Another gift from mommy GREENE. Straight from one of the shops at the US OPEN.]

[My RA John from Chi-town. Working magic with the clippers.]

[If you haven't noticed, I love Apple juice. Hence all the pictures of Apple juice bottles.]

[:) . I could get used to being a D1 athlete...]

[...they get LOVE.]

[Earlier today. Currently in Atlanta for the HBCU invitational tournament. All my Spelman, Morehouse fam... WHAT'S GOOD?]

Wish us luck tomorrow.


Billionaire Boys Club x The Blueprint 3 “So Ambitious” Tee

pharrell bbc so ambitious tee 1 Billionaire Boys Club x The Blueprint 3 So Ambitious Tee


A shirt for my favorite track off of the Blueprint III... that's love.



Since I've been down at Hampton University I've met people from all over the world. I've heard accents from all over the nation, and noticed dialects from hundreds of townships.

One thing I love about traveling, whether it's from tennis, vacation or family visits, is the different way people use slang. Off the top of my head right now, I'm going to try and list some of the many different words people use down here. Whether they're sexual, random, off topic or what have you, I think it's funny how slang differs by region.

The word/ location/ meaning

[The word might be from a different/more than one region, I'm just going by who I heard it from]

Saving/ "D.C chillin', PG chillin', my names..."/ Saving means your "wifed up" aka spending most of your time with one girl. It comes from the real meaning of saving, because your saving up [money] for the girl. I've heard that a lot since I've been down here. Let's see if that changes...
'Bama/ D.C/ A pretty girl who cannot dress. Let's clap for Ed Hardy. Baby phat, stand up.
Lowkey/ Everywhere except Philly (from what it seems)/ On the low. But you use it before the verb or adjective. Like, "We're lowkey ____."
Fakin'/ D.C/ Getting mad. Wanting to fight.
Tight/ NYC/ The act of being mad. I talked about this with Ash... it sounds awkward when someone says a girl is "tight."
Fie (As in fire)/ The dirty dirty./ When something is hot, fun, exciting or what have you, it's fi(re).
Hekka/ Californ-I-A/ Same meaning as "hella." Which is adverb that I'm assuming you heard before.
Becky/ Down south/ Oral sex to the male. I laughed when I heard this. I laughed at the next one too.
Bobby/ Where do you think? ...The same place they say "Becky"/ Oral sex to the female

More will come to me. I'll update this post when they do...

On another note...

Stay prepared. We thank you all for ridin' with us. Your support has been great so far. Everything is falling together finally, and we are excited as hell. The website should be fully completed, very soon. We decided to add a couple more features to the site so we can give everyone the FULL EFFECT of what we are trying to do. Once again thank you for helping us get on our feet a little bit.


G R E E N E.




Down at Hampton I'm still trying to find my place. [G.I.F.I...] Being down here is such a difference from back home. Plus, I know for a fact that if I had just ONE of my boys down here with me, my entire experience so far would be altered dramatically [most likely in a positive way]. I don't really trust anyone yet. That stems from only trusting one group of people for so long. However, that will probably change. Especially because there's one person down here that I want to trust.

Classes start Tuesday, along with official Hampton Pirates tennis practice. Our first big match witll be at the end of this month in Atlanta [*lean... and snap*], at the HBCU Invitational. I've been trying to play as much as possible this week with other freshman. I'm hungry [figuratively and literally... I'm about to hit up the caf], and I have a list of names to prove wrong. I'd post out schedule for the year if I had it in front of me. Regardless, I'll keep you updated.


[Annual Hampton ceremony for freshman, that officially makes you a "Hamptonian"]

[Hampton's band is major.]

[The BOUL]

[My man Isiah from Florida. He's been helping me get some practice in throughout the week.. His help is greatly appreciated.]


"Holy Bananas"

I've grown to love the Supra Sky Top after buying a pair last winter. I think it is the most comfortable sneaker that I own. Here is a new Supra Skytop x Karmaloop collabo entitled the "Holy Banana."

supra holy bananas closer look 1 Karmaloop x Supra Skytop Holy Bananas   A Closer Look


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