(EST. 2009) I see life in an abstract, slanted way. This blog was made to try and display that point of view to the people who don't know me, or those who know me more than I know myself. The blog title came from a combo of "This is What I Call Her" By Lil'Wayne, the constant smell of reefer on some of my close friends, and of course my last name [don't forget the "E"]. I'm high off of life, this blog is my blunt and I'm passing it too you. Inhale until you feel you've had too much GREENE.


I just want to be successful.

Hampton U, WhatUP.

My first day was slow. I got down to Hampton feeling isolated and confused [word to Nick Cannon in drumline, Haha. That movie keeps popping into my head]. I had no idea what to expect. But finally, my social skills kicked in and I began to meet other freshman from all over the country. I feel like I can already see who I'll be hanging with for most of the year at Hampton. I've also discovered that everyone I've met from D.C/Prince George County is mad cool [I think I'll be joining the "go-go" movement sometime soon, lol.]

On another note, there are so many beautiful black girls here. People were not lying about the Hampton's females. The funny thing is that only the freshman class is really here...

But regardless, I'm chillin'.

I'm waiting for classes to start because I don't want to get use to all of this free time. I came down here to GRIND.

I haven't been on my blog mode down here [lately], because I've been more focused on adjustment. However, I've still been taking shots here and there via iPhone [like always]. Here's a little taste of Hampton's freshman orientation. Nothing spectacular but I'm "feelin' it" [like the Jay-Z track.]

To all my close friends, I miss the shit out of y'all. I finally have internet because I just recieved a tethering file for the iPhone [It gives you internet when you plug your iPhone up to your laptop] through one of my new friends down here... No Wi-fi yet, because my computers not registered [Had to delete limewire :( ]

[This was one of the packages I recieved as a welcome gift to my dorm. Lol... that is love. Maybe I'll get my waves back so Steve can stop bussin' on my flat textured scalp. I'm surprised Corey's not on the front of this brush. (I forgot he's only on du-rag packages lol... I'm still bussin'.)]

[How I'm living... My side of the room.]

[My magic trunk.]

[I think I'll be playing a lot of this. It's not my type of tennis, but it's fun.]

[Blue and White game for the freshman.]

[I know they were tired. They were dancing for the most part of the game. I swear they were working harder than some of the football players..]

[Woke up at 4.20 after catching the 'itis after lunch one day. That's my room number. I thought that was weird.]

[PRE block party.]

[THE Block party.]

[What we do in 420.]



...I'm out."

Last day in Philly.

Morning practice, DMV, round the way, then Temple U.

[This boul is always sleeping, or in the process of sleeping.]


"Watch your step."



"Alright, yo...

Last couple days in Philly. I'm about to be on a new campus, with no friends [yet]. Starting fresh, but missing what's not so fresh... Otherwise known as, what I'm use too. Yeah, I'm only in VA, but that's a big change for me, BECAUSE I'M SO PHILLY... It's kind of ridiculous.

So much will happen while I'm in a different state. Relationships between my friends, family and acquaintances will change. Even a strange, bittersweet relationship with a certain someone might come to a sudden hault (We'll see :/). The things I'm use to will not be a part of my everyday life. I honestly have no idea how I will react to this. I'll know by this time next week, I guess. Hopefully it's positive.

I've continued to say my last temporary goodbyes. Today, I said bye to one of my boys up at Villanova University who goes by the name of Ashley. She already started classes but took the time out of her schedule to hang out with the boul, Greene [it's appreciated... that's that Guala love]. The rest of the possé came up later. We ended the night at iHop, in our usual fashion: laughter.

[When I used the boys bathroom in Ash's dorm, I knew the college life was official after reading this sign on the door.]

[ORCL Siting. YO, RALPH WHADDUP BOUL?! Haha, I'm trying to tell y'all we're EVERYWHERE!]

[Above there should be a picture from iHOP. Didn't take one because I was laughing to hard. Y'all are some funny bouls. LOL]

[Hundreds Sharpie... I'm DRAWlin'. Lol. No seriously... I am. Why'd I buy this?]

[Happy Birthday to my mans, hun'ed grand, Keenan.]

[And lastly, I had to post this picture because Caasi said it was "precious."]

Last couple days before separation. Let the good times roll...



This last full week of summer has been full of change. I'm assuming it is change for the better, but I wouldn't put that on everything. My best friends are going off to different colleges and come Friday, I'll be down in Virginia with N.E.R.D, Clipse, and Chris Brown. Not really, but I will be down at Hampton University. I have no idea what to expect, so I am somewhat uneasy about the whole situation. It's like I'm not excited and not upset about going there, I'm simply content with the change ahead of me. Feel me? Well regardless if you felt or not, I haven't updated in a warm minute. Here's a recap of the past week...

[Packages, packing and more packages.]

Aside from the UPS portion of my week, I witnessed some of my best friends leaving me, but not just because of college.

[THIS BOUL. Next time you see money makin' Mitch right here, ask him about his run in with the NARCS this week. Get your mans.]

[Malori left me this week. That means, I won't have anyone to keep my Mom occupied while I'm up to no good lol. I'm gonna miss her these next couple of months.]

[This was a pretty sad moment. We went to see Melo off the other morning before he left to Penn State. We packed up the whip and said our temporary goodbyes. If you go to PSU, look out for this brother. I know he's probably already making moves up there. I'm just mad he has class tomorrow though... that's drawlin'.]

[Rachel is one of my only other close friends that is leaving the state. Look out for her at Brown U. I am going to miss her. :( ]

Also, shout outs to my other close friends who have left Philly this past week. Curty and Giff, your missed already. So like Melo said, "let's get these 4.0's real quick." Haha.

Let's cheer up a little though, because this past week in Philly I witnessed some outrageous things. So once again, I apologize if this is your Pops, Uncle, cousin, relative or close acquaintence, but please get your mans... and woMANS in some cases.

[THIS WAS SO DRAWLIN'. So, I'm sitting with my friend Alecia over by Penn's Landing on this bridge/walkway. We're just sitting there talking and a couple comes over and sits about twenty feet away from us. After about five minutes of talking between her and I, we look over and notice that the couple is having sex. Haha, they had NO shame. They even switched positions. Luckily, they moved after the first round, however it was only about five more feet away just so they could use the wall as a prop. I'm not going to go into detail of what I witnessed, but if you really focuse on the picture above you can tell what they did last [*Cough* actually,whatthedudedidlast *Cough*]. After the fact, I realized we were drawlin' for not moving [we were there first!], but regardless... some one needs to get there mans, and his girl in the black skirt.]

[The same night after we somehow escaped the rain under the El entrance, we ran into this BOUL. He kept singing a song with his hermonica that went, "When it rains... it rains" [That was the chorus, verses and bridge by the way]. Then he would stop and speak to the people around him. However, when he spoke, he could not say something without saying it six times. Therefore, there was a lot of unnecessary talking coming from this man. It was funny at first but then the funniness died down [Like a funny commercial that gets too many spins]. But right before we left he revived the joke by saying, "When it rains, the cops even stop working!" There were about four officers standing around us, avoiding the rain, and they heard him all six times. Lol, get your mans... Before we left, he pulled a cig out of his pants cuff. That was the most goonish thing I've ever witnessed. I was convinced he was a thug.]

[As I was browsing through blockbuster the other day, I came across this movie, HoodRats 2. Whoever thought it was smart to make a sequel to a movie called HoodRats must have been on that kryptonite. Take another gander at this movie's cover, and please repeat: Get your mans.]

Aside from the movie, you can obviously tell that other people were effected by change this week... it must have been the weather... But anyway here is how the rest of my week went.

[The braces came off finally... My goon points went back up. Lol]

[These were no ordinary apple pies from McDonald's. They were "late night" menu pies. If you've ever gone to a Philadelphia McDonald's past about ten or eleven, you'd realize that late night apple pies are hard to come by. DJ DAV and I lucked up, and our orders were separated. Lol. That was great...]

[Word to the Hampton Pirates. The color is not baby blue by the way, it just came out like that. I'm excited to be on the team.]

[In the social security building... I thought the first line of this sign was pretty.. deep? I felt like a criminal just from taking this picture.]

Today, the second ORCL photoshoot took place. We're finally coming to a point where everything is situated. The site should be completely done soon. We haven't been rushing anything because when you rush, things don't come out as well. Keep your eyes open though, for what we're about to bring to you. Those who have shown support, it is GREATLY APPRECIATED. Believe, that.

Once again, I cannot post any of the actual photos from the shoot... but I can prove to you that we're as serious as we say we are. :)

[All iPhone. Lol, that's all I need to get by.]




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