(EST. 2009) I see life in an abstract, slanted way. This blog was made to try and display that point of view to the people who don't know me, or those who know me more than I know myself. The blog title came from a combo of "This is What I Call Her" By Lil'Wayne, the constant smell of reefer on some of my close friends, and of course my last name [don't forget the "E"]. I'm high off of life, this blog is my blunt and I'm passing it too you. Inhale until you feel you've had too much GREENE.



currently in my head[phones]:
Pharrell & the Yessirrsss - Creamsickle


was the usual Sunday with the addition of my mansss Sito at the crib. We slept in late, watched television and chilled. We later chilled with Curty and OJ THE JUICE MAN (haha... the only time I'm calling you that, boul). The day was chill, and I got to catch up with two of my 'brotherhood' family members (Possible blog coming soon!!). In conclusion, NOVA's about to take thachip.

Also, what's good with the random ten minutes of hail today....?

the weekend overall was eventful. Saturday, I woke up early and went to Awbury Park for a Masterman tennis match. Sito and Melo came with me in support, and probably contributed to the end of what is hopefully the worst tennis slump in my life
. Later we met up with Curt and ended the night at the Jack and Jill Dance at the Clef club. I know I've said it before but this is my LAST High school event besides Prom oh9. I feel too old at these things... I feel like once you can grow a tsunni you should not be at any high school dances. I know other facial haired seniors can relate... right?

&right now. I am in my usual sunday night chill mode, but for some reason it feels more chill then usual. It could be from the good nights rest I finally got [thanks to curty's curfew] or maybe it's the second hand effects of the reefer (that's what my mom calls it, haha) that I was "in my surroundings" today, lol...
[&Naw, I don't smoke. Simply because I hate living a stereotype. I see nothing wrong with smoking weed, but I choose not to do it. I'm usually recovering from the spliff of Life that I take straight to the head every now & then. "I'm high off life, fuck it I'm wasteeed." Me and Hov got that kiiillll.]
...but whatever it is just motivated me to play "Lip Service" by charles hamiltion.

I know you like the album artwork...

This is one of songs that involves a nice smooth verse over a beat, accompanied by talking... talking that you actually listen to. Example: "Last Call" by Kanye West. Whenever I hear that song I play all 12+ minutes no matter what. It's like his story tricks you into listening to the whole song... ya meen? But yeah, Lip Service isn't actually about what the title infers... so ladies don't fret.

I also just thought about how much I wanted this shirt a few years ago:

http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2408/2264779041_73f1e9b604.jpg [no akademics]

on that note, I'm out. Leave wuuuuuuun.

"So, it's you and me... Ms. Whoeveryouare"




My man Ralph has been sending me youtube links to this movie at very MAD random times with no type of order lol...With that being said.... I'm about to watch it in its entirety. Here's a clip. DON'T DO IT WILLIE!!!

one more... you can't forget about this dude!



I separated this blog into two parts.


Too many times I have a second guessed myself when it comes to tennis.

If you don't know, tennis is my number one sport and I'm about to play D1 tennis next year.

Over the years I have developed a unique skill that separates me from the average 'nigga'. I come from West Oaklane [NW Philly] where there is hardly a tennis player... SCRATCH DAT, hardly a racket. I've kept playing even when I've hated it; thought basketball was my sport; and even when ignorant people use to mess with me about it growing up. Too make a long story short, I've stuck with it when most of the black players I grew up with stopped or quit.

fast forward >>> '09.

Latey I've been losing matches that I am not suppose to. I've developed a bad habit over the past few years that goes: play well during practice, but horrible in matches. Everyone says tennis is 90% mental, and you can quote the hell out of me when I say that that is 100% true. I go from winning a match at an international tournament on an island in the carribean, to losing a match in a local tournament to a new, less skilled player. It's been fraustrating as hell, and has took a toll on my confidence this past year, but today I realized that beating myself up about it isn't doing anything. SO, instead of contemplating early retirement from tournaments&training. I'm going to keep picking these rackets up until I'm so mentally tough that you can put a glock to my head and I'll still bang a serve past my opponent. If you asked me to summarize this random post on thablog in one figurative phrase, it would go:

Bang bang, I'm hungry again.


Now that that's off my chest... my day was pretty smooth [like somebody's Pop in a velour sweatsuit with the matching bucket hat... pretty damn smooth] . Woke up after getting about 10 hours of sleep for the first time in a while. Classes proceeded as usual, then school was over. I had to work out with a coach in Plymouth meeting but had time to spare, so I headed downtown. Downtown I spent too much money for no reason. I think I have a problem with buying shit I don't need, but 'ey... I havn't brought sneaks since January and this windbreaker I found on sale is pretty tough...[haha]. But seriously, I need to stop because toomuch_GREENE is just the name of my blog. But all in all, today was smooooth.

Also, in support of their new blog life, add/follow my homie Kalia's blog, she's a baller... so it should popsomethingserious [if you don't understand that lingo, don't worry about it]:

Before I go, I'm going to leave you with some majorness via .jpg/video:

complex magazine april may issue kanye west 1 Complex Magazine April/May Issue feat. Kanye West

stay up. viagraaaa



Today was a pretty nice day. Besides the cold and wind during tennis practice, and this major ass research paper DUE TOMORROW [ insert procrastinator smiley ]... my day was 'ard' (I think it's halarious when people type that as shorthand, not pointing any fingers haha) ... Can't complain too much. I walked through the door and noticed that one of my shirts finally came... the mail man had me feelin' a little 'dfted'... but I'm straight now :/


Today was the first day of the most origin-AL basketball leagues in the tri-state area:


Ever since 2006 we've carried on the tradition to have a draft, form teams & run the
rawest basketball league ever, during our lunch period (formally known as recess). Teams go head to head on the Masterman Rooftop playing fullcourt games of greatness. We make a schedule, take stats for each player and keep records for each team. Theres only one rule: go haaaaaawd until the bell rings.

(My retired Jersey from freshman year, Melo knows whats good!!)

(bang, bang. Deuce hands. nodickeatin')

You get the picture. &My team is ballin' out tomorrow. I'm dropping 5o. We out Sito!!


Shoutouts to my dudes Melo, Bryan and Sam who were in the public league all-star game for their division in highschool hoops. congrats...

& not that I go on mediatakeout.com all the time or anything... but Chris Brown @Norfolk U?

but that's all for today I gotta get on this research paper, so until my next post...

STAY UP, viagra.



On this chill saturday morning I woke up and turned on itunes library. The song nostalgia by marco polo came on. Which led to me thinking about points in highschool that I enjoyed. Then this crazy nostalgic feeling came over me like... damn, "times passed me by" [I can't remember who sings that song, but it's in my head right now]. Don't get me wrong I'm trying to graduate asap, but It's not the school that I'm going to miss, It's the people. My brothers, my niggas, what ever you want to call them... we're family.

We all date back to at least 6th grade together... with that being said you know we've gone through phases together on some bildungsroman type shit, minus the novel.
We started out at the
onepairofsneakers'tilyoumessthemup stage [well, some of us did]. Then we went through the act hard and don't be scared to fight phase accompanied by Girbauds and tall tee's with occaisional cornrows or brush in your backpocket. Then the Girbaud died, and people stopped coming at me for wearing what was a "young t-shirt." But you get the picture, we've been down since junior high.

So Graduation is going to be major.

past x present:

Long live the brotherhood.


late arrival x thursday

current thought: keep your love locked down. word to yeezy


H e l l o w o r l d !
<-- [Masterman effect, you tend to use stuff you learned in class in everyday convo. Can't kick the habit]

Today was pretty chill. Beginning with the breakfast sampler from iHOP, and a little chuck e cheese. Yeah, I KNOW WE'RE LIKE 18 IN CHUCK E CHEESE.. but Who doesn't bang with Chuck?!

Aside from that, Keenan, Sito (Lou) and I ran into UCLA's basketball team as we headed to McDonald's after school. We got to talk to the their star guard Darren Collison as they went through the doors to the Sheraton. Lou grabbed a quick autograph (nodickeatin'), cause he will most likely be in the League next year. Once we got further up 17th street we realized we had just missed UCONN's exit as we passed the hotel they are staying at. Here's a glance at our day via blackjack.

I'm currently on a Wale high right now, so I'm gonna leave on that note, 100 miles and running.


[Look out around the city for the onlyright tags]





One thing about me that all my close friends know, is that my head is like an eclectic itunes library... on shuffle. I'll burst out of nowhere mouthing songs ranging from Phillyz Most Wanted to the Spice Girls (chill, you know you know a song or two. Don't fraaaud!)

With that being said I cannot find my ipod right now and I think I'm going crazy. My daily morning subway rides have been immensely monotone & and my thoughts have been scattered. As soon as a walk outside to that good ol' three minute bus ride to fern rock, I am FIENIN' to here a song that is already stuck in my head. Today it was a random song by usher, called sweet lies (special girl) I think it was produced by pha-real and them... to show you how bad it gets, this was a song that was stuck in my head about an hour ago...

http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B00003Q56L.01._SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg Chill boul.

On another note to make up for the suspect image that you see above, a friend just put me on to a mixtape artist/group by the name of Mike Posner & the Brain Trust [thanks erinn :)]

Mixtape Cover
I downloaded this mixtape off of
datpiff and so far this referral was a good look.

This just reminded me that during this current state of hip-hop (which I have mixed feelings about), the mixtape game is where it's at. Aside from the tribe, which is always in my ears, artist like Charles Hamilton, Drake, Wale and others have been producing some music on mixtapes that is defff worth listening to.

So if your swag is turned tooooo far up
(my man Jus said that thats the perfect song to wake up to haha), and your stuck on Flo Rida's elevator... hit up a nice mixtape website and umm...

Spice up yo' life (no spicegirl).


pleasantly overthinking.

graduation, where you at boul?!

That's all I have to say. No cliché story about how I failed a math test this morning, or how I have to come in early tomorrow for class. Because more than likely, you feel me completely.

On the flipside of thangs. Here are some of my thoughts from today:

Let this picture speak to you. A reoccuring theme in my life. (&Naaaw, I didn't do this...)

I complain about the cold now, but when it's 95 degrees outside this summer, and global warming is in full effect. This will be a first thought.

I bangs with this cd... a part of my quest to branch out into different genres. I love the girls voice, I swore it was auto-tunes or some shit...

Photobucket VS. Photobucket

What is really good? I like Louisville right now... get your brackets together and come put your money up. ;)

oyeah... by the way...




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