(EST. 2009) I see life in an abstract, slanted way. This blog was made to try and display that point of view to the people who don't know me, or those who know me more than I know myself. The blog title came from a combo of "This is What I Call Her" By Lil'Wayne, the constant smell of reefer on some of my close friends, and of course my last name [don't forget the "E"]. I'm high off of life, this blog is my blunt and I'm passing it too you. Inhale until you feel you've had too much GREENE.



Our prom was a great experience, and better than I expected. This final dance made many people realize that it's almost over, and we're about to disperse into different lifestyles, with different people. Personally, it's a bittersweet feeling for me, because I'm ready to graduate. However, I'm definitely going to miss my friends while I'm down in Virginia next year. I hope no one took prom for granted because it was one of the last times, besides graduation, that we will all be together. My boys were dapper as hell [Called it]. &All the girls looked gorgeous. We rocked out hard, and made sure we had a good time. I said this freshman year, and I'm still saying it now: "Oh nine 'til infinity."



They're back.

The return of the Legendary Black Star duo in Mos Def and Talib Kweli, has me looking deep into my pocket for a seat at the Rock the Bells concert in New York [pronounced New Yaawk]. I checked the price and It's a little costly, and I'm going to keep it 100 and admit that I'm broke right now. Maybe I'll just grab the RockSmith t-shirt and call it a day [haha]. But who knows, it's not until July 19th. I should be ballin' a little more by then. Let me know if your thinking about going.

BTW. Prom is today. & Me and my brothers, la familia, mi amigos are about to get so dipped out and dapper that you'll be forced to make that "Pusher T sound" at the sight of us. I'm about to get a fresh cut with Byron. And best believe the gold iPhone case is coming back out :] .



Retired Jersey.

With my year coming down to it's last few days, and my senior prom being today [it's past 12]. I think it's only right that I retire a throwback that I ran into when I was cleaning up my room. Loso probably doesn't even have this one in his collection...

[The OG masterman gym shirt. Royal blue on stone wash gray. Smedium Fit. Legendary.]

If you read the back of my 7th grade gym shirt, you can see I havn't changed one bit... haha.

This right here is love.

[laugh] Yeah that's good, paranoid.

My favorite track off 808's but the video is too Rihanna-ful?

[I hate it when a video doesn't do a song justice. But it's whatever I still bang to, oops typo... I meant bang with this song. &The piece Rihanna is rockin' in the beginning is quite lovely...lol]




Yes. We are making moves this summer.

I snatched this flick off of my mans blog: ralphysblogsite.blogspot.com/

My man Ralph is focused, and it's only right.



Award Tour, Summer 2009 Lookbook.

[Looks like they'll have some nice stuff dropping this summer. I still want the skully and scarf set that I swore I was going to buy. There's always next winter...]

This is a flier some boul handed me on while I was downtown on Walnut street. Haha. You know what's about to happen... I'm about to promote this party for these dudes. But first off, can someone please tell me why my man has his shirt off on the front of the flyer? [lmao.]

This theme is crazy though, all the dimes get in for a dime. That's the most clever thing I've ever witnessed... in life. Shit is genius. If your a ten, you get in for ten cents. That's major. I might have to bite that for my next Prada boots only party...

The pictures on the back of the flyer just involve pictures of people with middle fingers and peace signs up [We got about ten middle fingers, and 8 deuces. I'm confused though... the middle finger means "Fuck you" if I'm not mistaken, and the peace sign means "peace," like rainbows and tree planting. Why do some of the people have both up? Whatever, it looks cool.

Out of all the landmarks on Chestnut street, the one they use is H&M, three blocks away. I wonder why? That means, I don't even have to get dressed. I can get my outfit on the way to the party. Mad convenient. "WE IN THAT JAWN." Clear your calanders. We're poppin' bottles.

I'm going to stop drawlin' at some point. Until then...

[Cause that's all we think about in these streets.]



"I spend more money on Yeezy's than anybody."


Mcdonald's Apple Pies; Untouchable.

Curt knows the deal.

& in the same meal. McDonald's sold me a close to picture perfect burger. This burger was blog worthy [if you ignored the random splurge of grease on part of the bun]
Cute right?



Major. pink on black will be mine.


state tennis championships.

My weekend was spent in Hershey, Pa representing District 12 ("Philly, Philly y'all") in doubles competition. This was my last tournament as a Masterman Blue dragon. Even though we did not make it as far as many expected us to, the young freshman, Sam Rudovsky and I, held it down in the PIAA state championship finishing fourth in the state in doubles. After play we then hit up the greatest place on earth and got our Hershey on with our Coach and his familia. Here's flicks.

[I should of smacked whoever spelled my name wrong.]

[Smell me.]

[Yeah, they had us on the short platform that looked like two and a half shoeboxes... but the other teams knew what was up. It was either us or them. Shoutout to Drew Hoffman on his second straight state doubles title, and thank you for the support during our matches.]

[Youngboa snappin'... haha.]

[I wonder how much these dudes get paid to embarass themselves all day long...]

[Haha. Chill... I wanted to do a harder pose, but my goon would have scared the children. I think dude in the Hershey bar was black, that handshake was toooo smooth.]

[He would hug him, Sam is too funny.]


[I was so tempted to buy... but Hershey had already hurt my pockets enough. My greene is not unlimited.]

Before I end this post, I'd like to thank my friend and former Boy's tennis manager, Jen Wong. She was my support system in most of my high school matches and she even came out to Hershey to show support in our state competition [after she graduated]. That is LOVE. :)

But yeah, It was fun while it lasted. I'm now a Hampton Pirate.

Prom/Graduation on my mind.



PECO, forreal though?

Here's highlights [& low lights (you'll see what I mean)] of the past few days.

[QUOTE OF THE DAY. As I'm walking down the street I over her a man and a women talking. The man says, "If I ever see her again, it's Kill Bill up in this bitch." haha. That was deff a first.]

[This is exactly how a great amount of my nights look. Papa Nick's whatss good?]

[I was about tempted to buy a pair but then I thought about all the hell my friends would give me for wearing "Bo-bo's... Maybe I'll buy them now that I already called myself out... haha]

[Didn't know the black mafia was still down. Yup, get your mans.]

[Sorry Nia, had to do it]

[Haha. So I'm at tenth street playground. We're standing around watching some ole heads (who's hoop dreams have not been deferred) run a full court game of basketball. Suddenly, the big man of one team lays some dude on the side out, in one strong punch. I lie to you not when I say I've never seen a dude get hit so clean. The dude got laid out like the Santa impersonator in
The Friday After Next. Too funny... That was such a "nigga moment" word to The Boondocks]

[Don't ask me how... but after we left the basketball court I ended up in Bible Study with this boul. Too random. No complaints though, I needed a little Jesus in my soul]

[So basically, PECO energy drawled on my life. I got home to find out that our power was cut off, because they mixed someone elses bill with ours or some bull. So basically, my best friends in the house were my Macbook and iPhone until the macbook died and my phones battery was on drawlin. This was too much [no Greene]... But who knew a computer screen could give off so much light... I was happy as hell when morning came... ]

[Chill, PC]

Next Day.

[Masterman's Lady Dragons won the Public League Championship in Softball. Congrats ladies... And Luis. :-/ ]

[ALSO. Congrats to my boys on the Masterman Volleyball team who also won a city championship today. Somebody send me a picture... Do the damn thing at states! Hopefully I can come through on Tuesday...]

[Haha. No idea what boul was doing.]

["T-81, bitch."]

[Yeah, so today in Rittenhouse Square we ran into some dude who buys calculators off of random people in the street. He was a pretty cool dude, and luckily he found a group of Masterman people who were bound to have at least one calculator at hand... (on a day where they didn't have school) TOO funny.]

[The green thing sticking out of his pocket was a dutch. Haha, he was explaining to us how it's hard to smoke weed in public places, ex: some public park in D.C. But yeah, weed vs. the calculator... a little ironic right? But whatever, it's all love.]

stay up,

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