(EST. 2009) I see life in an abstract, slanted way. This blog was made to try and display that point of view to the people who don't know me, or those who know me more than I know myself. The blog title came from a combo of "This is What I Call Her" By Lil'Wayne, the constant smell of reefer on some of my close friends, and of course my last name [don't forget the "E"]. I'm high off of life, this blog is my blunt and I'm passing it too you. Inhale until you feel you've had too much GREENE.



I have mad love for Daft Punk.

Not a day goes by where I don't listen to one of their tracks. After all of these years they're still doing their thing, robot costumes and all. I need to see them in concert at some point in my life.
That's on the to do list along with, trips to Tokyo, Spain, Holland and a trip back to Anguilla.





OKAY. So I know I have a whole laid back vibe going with the black background and classic Guru playing... But I'm currently watching Making His Band on MTV [this is a change because I really only watch whatever is on ESPN...]. Diddy just went to one of his friends for advice, and in return his friend told him he should start dancing again. As soon as I heard that, Diddy's [Or should I say "Puffy's" because this was preDiddy era] classic PE2000 video popped into my head [LOL]. If you have never seen this video please take the time to watch it, because Diddy brings out ALL of his dancing moves in this video.

So yes, Diddy. Please bring the dancing back. We needs dat.


Yesterday, Curt, Lou, Corey and I headed to New York for the day. No one really brought anything but we enjoyed the city [and the beautiful females that we ran into ;) ].

[I've only been to the original Sang Kee a couple of times, but this one in the Reading Terminal Market use to be a weekly stop. Back then I could hardly see over the counter, and I swore dude was gonna chop his fingers when slicing the meat.]

[I've never had anything from Sang Kee besides this, and duck.]

[First stop. BBC/ICE CREAM store in Soho. This time around there was no, No Game Rob (or Rob to YOU) to drop half a stack on like three t-shirts. So no one brought anything this time around. Window shopping at it's finest.]

[I had to get another picture like this, because I'm that man on the Moon.]

[I'm pretty sure photography might be slightly illegal while in the store... But I'm too smooth with the iPhone.]

[Sorry, P. Just being a fan.]

[We had no idea they turned this shoe into a boot. Chillin' in my Nike boots? Yup, flyer than the rest of 'em]

[To all my tennis players... Sexy right? The pink, black and gold could get it... (Adidas store)]

[I really like this store. Out of my trips to NYC I always find stuff I like in here. Broadway and Bond, check it out if your around.]

[WORD? I think I might of heard this come out of Hezzy's mouth a couple times.]

[Haha, typical. His face lit up like crazy when Curt pointed this out.]

[The main reason I wanted to come to New Yawk.]

[I didn't see any fitteds that were worth the $34.99, so I just kept my card in my wallet. Disappointed a little.]



Happy Birthday Keun. You probably won't ever see this. But if you do, hit me up. Your brother misses you.


"Get'cha Some"

Big Sean finally dropped a video, even though I would have preferred it to be his "Supa Dupa" track, he comes correct with this partially animated video. Is there a KAWS connection here? I feel like someone just welcomed me to the G.O.O.D life (get it? lol)


I think i might re-post the Bats for Lashes video found below. I cannot stop watching it.


Sgt James Crowley Defends Gates Arrest

Shared via AddThis

I hate to pin anything on race right away, but I think this was ridiculous. How do you accuse someone of burglary, in their own home, without letting them show proof of ownership? That is pretty drawlin'. I'm sure Sgt Crowley had the ultimate smack face when he discovered the credentials of his arrestee.

That looks like a smack face to me...


Over the years I've developed the habit of avoiding the people who effect me negatively. When I say negatively, I'm referring to those who start drama, conflict, or anything that makes me or my frends look like assholes. Today, I realized that I overlooked some of the people that bring negative energy to my circle. And as I once said to my buddy Na in tenth grade [which I regret because that is one of my closest homies], "You've been deleted." That might seem heartless or mean, but I really don't care at this point. When you lose good friends because of the way one person acts, it's only right that you let go of that person. Not saying that I haven't done anything wrong, because I have [and I apologize], but I have found a common denominator to most of the drama I've witnessed these past couple years. I'm about to enter the 13th grade, and to put it simply: I don't bang with you.

Good Night all.



I feel like he just made things slightly worst then they are at this point in time. This did not send any type of positive vibe in my opinion. I think he needs to just remind everyone that he can dance and he'll be straight.


I expected more focus on, I guess, three women throughout the video. However, I thought the different scenes/settings were pretty cool, especially the one with the balloons. But overall, the video seemed "empty" to me. Take that how you want, my opinion doesn't matter lol..


Thanks for coming through. I love y'all like a marriage with no prenuptial.

[With the help of Curt, we had two grills going. Curt was workin' them hot dogs. Lol]

[Sam. Straight from Kenya. LOL.]

[What's a cookout without the Hoguemobile.]

[Daps and pounds, post caps and gowns]

[All day.]

[Classic GREENE. Curt might not get this back.]



DAV put me on to one of the dope-est videos I've seen in a while. If you've never heard of this group or seen this video, enjoy.



CLOUD 2009

After scrubbing with clorox showed no effects, I pulled out some spray paint to umm, "clean" the chairs. I didn't spray each chair completely and I think it looks kind of dope [with a kind of Cloud effect]... Hopefully Momma Greene will too.


Kris Van Assche 2010 Spring/Summer Footwear

kris van assche 2010 ss footwear accessories 1 Kris Van Assche 2010 Spring/Summer Footwear & Accessories



But the new trend is toe socks. Remember you saw it on toomuchgreene.blogspot.com first! [Lol]. Here is how my day looked.

[You know when your in bed, but too lazy to get up... Yeah. And naw, that's not a pink trash can with flowers on it...]

[Ran into some homeless lady. She wouldn't leave me alone.]

[Ended up paying $9 to get to Villanova. After a curt argument with the ticket person (who happened to look like a mix between LeBron James and Wale..) I decided that I am going to send these ticket stubs in and try to get my money back. They were drawlinnnn!]

[Racket Demos. Right now I'm leaning towards the black and neon Greene Dunlop.]

[Haha. Don't ask questions, just follow our lead.]

[Look at boul's toes. HAHA.]

[And because they're my boys... They copped me a pair as well. Always looking out for their man KG... That's love.]

[Nice store...]

[Another nice store.]

[Get your mans... Or should I say ladies. The Jeep was tough though.]

As you can see... Toe socks are in, so COP UP.

BTW. I keep changing my blog lay out because I'm crazy. Feed back on layouts? COOL.


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