(EST. 2009) I see life in an abstract, slanted way. This blog was made to try and display that point of view to the people who don't know me, or those who know me more than I know myself. The blog title came from a combo of "This is What I Call Her" By Lil'Wayne, the constant smell of reefer on some of my close friends, and of course my last name [don't forget the "E"]. I'm high off of life, this blog is my blunt and I'm passing it too you. Inhale until you feel you've had too much GREENE.



It has been quite some time since I have been in a blog writing mentality.  I blame Hampton, Virginia. This is an attempt at revamping my deceased online expression device.  Rock with me, see if I can gain your interest.

There has been a lot of changes in my life; but that will be discussed in a later post.  What has drawn me back to my high school blogspot is my excitement from MTV Jams "90's Weekend." If you know me you  understand my love for the nineties.  From the way go about using my phone (I leave it on the other side of the room and try not to use it when I'm home. Nobody had a cell phone in th 90s. I wish it was still like that today), to my music selection (I'm big on the entire Timbaland, Missy Elliot sound. In my opinion a Timbaland production could easily reflect a large portion of the 90's. There is no sound like it.) to my love for the "The Fresh Prince"(no Nosa). If you have time or the required cable, give MTV Jams a try this weekend.


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