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The Settle.

View of Central Park from a window in the Trump Towers in NYC... Motivation.

The last couple of days I have been thinking about careers more than ever. I am at this point in my life where I need to make some more long term goals. When I was younger my goals were: 1- Get a tennis scholarship 2- Join that frat with the canes ( 3- keep your tennis scholarship while you're jointing that frat with the canes). Now that I have reached those goals, I have to set some more longstanding goals that will make adulthood easier once I reach them. Sadly, this is not the easiest task. My life has been full of short term goals for the past year, and no paths presented seem to lead to truly guaranteed success. I could just plan for graduate school, but I'd like to avoid lectures and exams for as long as possible. So where does that leave me? Answer: This leaves me in this weird stage of my early twenties that forces me to make time bounded decisions that will directly effect the rest of my life. Cool.

Anyone can set a goal. Anyone can come up with a goal. The important part of goal-setting is to make a goal that works for you. Opportunities will open up for anyone with a consistent drive; but is an opportunity that can also be seen as a settle, still deemed a good decision? The word settle makes me feel uneasy every time I hear it. It seems like people only begin to use it when they are discouraged. Discouragement that has been gained directly from life becoming harder. When I say settle, I don't mean, "Damn, I had to settle for the Audi because they don't make the Benz in that color." I mean,"Damn, I have to settle for this job in retail because they already hired someone for the position I was aiming for."  That kind of settle. The optimism that some people once had going in to college has dwindled over their tenures. The real world is sucking the dreams out of some of the people that I felt would never give up. This should never be the case, especially if you're still young.

Who remembers when Jay-Z said, "Thirty is the new twenty"? This was not just a way to make the world renowned rapper seem younger to the public eye. This was facts. It gets overwhelming for a young adult coming out of college to find their calling, or better yet... what makes them happy. Before you think the world is over and your dreams are deferred, remember that you have still have time to be successful. Life won't be over just because you're not making six figures right after school. If you maintain that same hunger that you had going into college you will be just fine. You may not get a job you wanted that would place you closer to an ideal situation, but life ain't over. Just keep grinding and you'll get yours.

According to Melo, I'm good by 2017 regardless of my career.

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